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Where can I 

a unicyle?

Finding decent Unicycles can be difficult... Many normal Bicycle shops usually can order in basic Unicycles

Most Quality Unicycles are easiest found online, Some online Bike Shops sell many recreational Uni's such as Torker, Club or generic branded ones.

For the best products, range and service visit you need to go to


Malcom and Peter there at unicycle.com Australia run an online Unicycle store and are the best to deal with and for advice!

They Stock all sizes of Uni's and great brand such as Kris Holm, Nimbus, Impact, Club

One Local Tasmanian store with experience and expertise is the Lyrebird Shop located in Hobart. They have access to most the major brands and at very competitive prices




Where can I

people to unicycle with in Tasmania?


 At this early stage the plan in motion is for unicyclists, Young, Old, Beginners and Pros who wish to meet up we have 2 locations:

                                              Hobart         -   Salamanca Square,

                   Salamanca Place

                                Launceston   -   Inveresk Round House

                                 Forster Street, Invermay

First Sunday Every Month @2pm

If you have any further ideas or alternative places to meet please email


and we can look to change it so its better for everyone




What is the local 

for Unicycles in   Tasmania?  


In addition to all regular Tasmanian Legislation and Road Rules there are special considerations attaining to cyclists which can be found here:

Road Rules 2009
PART 15 - Additional rules for bicycle riders




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